Thursday, May 22, 2008

needs and wants

Today we (me, one journalist and TV operator) were visiting new water treatment plant and getting to know the whole new water distribution system that will soon provide about 65,000 people with drinking water right in their households in Tangalla area.
That was pretty amazing to see excitement of some Sri Lankan people whom we met about soon in-their-house running water from the tap at any time of the day hopefully.
Water is still not accessible for many people at their living places. To get drinking water and any water people often have to go few kilometers to reach the source. They can also make order that water tank vehicle can bring water and fill household's water tank but that costs money which is not afordable for many.
Limited access to water is known issue for me but still when seeing how people cope with this problem in real life it makes me to think once more about how unable people are much-where to distinguish needs from wants. So I'm having a lesson here.

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