Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Georgians are Europeans

This time it is somehow harder to select photos that I want to show because I want to avoid creating stereotypes about Georgia and its people by certain photos and their captions.

But some things are here - Georgians are Europeans. 1st European predecessors stepped on the European continent 1,8 million years ago!

Many Georgians prefer eco-friendly means of travelling so they are even more sustainable than EU-ropeans.

As a part of sustainable being Georgians grow some nice bio-grapes.

And thats why they like to use EU flag here therefore.

Georgians don't overconsume as EU-ropeans do. They can easily manage with old proved tools. It is especially usefull when they switch off electricity from time to time!
OK thats it, below there are some more photos... :)
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