Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day in Istanbul

Today I took a chance of Sunday to explore Istanbul as I am still here. I stay now in Kadikoy which is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul just in front of Bosphorus. You know - boat traffic in Bosphorus is very busy like on the streets with cars.

So I took ferry ship from there to the other side of Bosphorus. Some of them are very comfortable but with AC (air-conditioner). Actally there are ACs in many places and too often they are very cool and too contrasting with actual outside temperature.

Jeah, some parts of Istanbul are completely crowded like this one tunnel somewhere in the center (very relative meaning!)

I decided to let myself to some touristic routes. But before I tried to find Lonely Planet (LP) guide book of Turkey. I did it and used my Asian bargaining skills to get price down. So I got good deal. After some LP reading along lunch I decided to visit Aya Sofya Cathedral - view from its window :)

Some tourist inside Aya Sofya checking if she succeeded with her photo of Jesus Christ mosaic as it is not allowed to use photo flashes inside

Some exit - but to where?

After visiting Cathedral I discovered that public toilets in Istanbul are pretty similar to ones in South Asia that I was used to. I especially like that there is a water tap and cup instead of paper.

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