Friday, August 17, 2007

Bridge that connects Asian and European sides of Istanbul over the Bosphorus in the night

Since Turkey is very sunny country solariums are frequently demanded :)

They have superb public transport in Istanbul - especially I likemetro which is fast, clean, comfortable, airconditioned, etc.

My lunch - Pilaf (rice) with meat balls, fresh green chili and tomatoes and chili paste

Muslim lady selling seeds to feed pigeons somewhere in the center of Istanbul

Turks like Atatürk and love their flag - here are both

View of Istanbul from the Bosphorus

Turks are dedicated smokers - many of them smoke all the time and everywhere. What to do?! (rhetoric question)


Anonymous said...

Ēdiens izskatās tīri labs. Tur jābūt īstiem kebabiem. J.K.

Anonymous said...

Kebabs ir labs, tas tiesa!