Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yeah, last week LOMO wall of photos was opened in Riga in Andrejsala where also many my photos were exhibited. That gave me kinda re-inspiration about film photos (old analog system of taking photos when you use film camera with a photo film instead of digital camera). During opening of that kinda photo exhibition I was given 2 lomographical gadgets - Fisheye2 camera and Holga with a bunch of film rolls to make some photos. Many people asked me - what LOMO and Lomography is about? Story is simple... But it all started out of simply good Soviet Russian photo camera made back down in 80ties (in Latvia we call it 'good soap container' alias 'ziepju trauks') . But as you may guess - it is not just about camera - it is about your feeling and attitude to photography and then camera you use really doesn't matter. So as Lomographers all around the World say - Don't think, just shoot!

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