Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After a while

Since some time there wasn't so much (time) to write or maybe was indeed. I just lately completed my work in the 1st stage of GLEN preparation cycle where I was running 2 seminars for GLEN 2007 Asia project participants in Slovakia and Germany (greetings to all of you who took part in blogging session and are checking my blog now)!

Regarding GLEN in Latvia we finally succeeded with our team to get funds from MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of Latvia for all 3 projects in Georgia. You can read news about it in Latvian here. I also plan to go to Georgia in September this year to see those projects, shoot some documentaries and look for some new development co-operation projects for 2008.

LNT (Latvian Independent TV) project "The Latvian Idea" where I'm assistant producer is also getting to its 2nd beginning - preparation for the 2nd show which will be on-air in September. More and more interesting ideas from Latvian inventors and just creative people are coming in and I hope for the best idea's show!

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