Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my mood very gloomy

Now I am finally back home and will stay here more than a few days. Thought I left Sri Lanka in September it is only now when I can say I am back home after passing India, Nepal, Morocco, Georgia and few destinations in Europe.

And I am a bit lost. My favorite question that I heard so often in Sri Lanka "What to do?" comes very often to my mind. I am here in Latvia but I feel like I'm still somewhere in Sri Lanka. Many many things have changed in my mind during last 2 years (14 months in Asia) but it seems that not so much has changed here?! Or we both (me and my fatherland) changed but in different ways? I don't know.

Although I was missing change of seasons which was not so possible in Sri Lanka (tropical climate, average temperature +35, high humidity, short monsoon once a year) very gray, rainy and cool autumn is making my mood very gloomy.

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