Monday, October 23, 2006

Riga - Tbilisi

Since few days I'm in Georgia. The reason for my trip is visiting two GLEN projects that are taking place here. In both projects 2 latvians are participating. Together with my colleague Anda (chair of the board of GLEN Latvia) we are also searching for the new partners and projects where we can involve in the future. Now we are in Borjomi- one of the most famous resorts (kurort) during the Soviet times. However old good times are gone and there isn't real kurort anymore. Many houses (gostinici i lecebnici) are either destroyed or occupied by georgian refugees from Abhazia region. Still nature is beautifull here and makes heavy contrasts to the Soviet time esthetique which still remains here mostly in the architecture.
I especially enjoyed those things from my recent past in post-Soviet Latvia in 90ties- crazy driving marshrutkas (type of public transport) with smoking drivers, semockhas (sunflower seeds) and kolbasa (sausages and salamis) being sold everywhere on the streets, nocniki (shops selling alcohol and food 24hours a day), and many more!
I like Georgia. People are very friendly here, nature is beautiful, food and wine is great!


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Kur Hockey bildes? Solīji tak publicēt :)

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