Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Kazbegi

Since Friday I'm enjoying quite and rich landscape of Kazbegi. Mountains (also well known Kazbek, 5047m) is just next to my accomodation (I would post some photos but laptop battery is empty!). Nevertheles there isn't electricity and power-generator engines are not popular here (not everybody can afford one) candles and gas are still available. So there is some heating and light efficient to read my book in the evening! It is off-season here so it is really empty now. My host family in the guest house therefore is very happy for any guest this time. They are cooking nice Georgian food and feeding me very much (ka uz kaushanu).
Yesterday I took challenge and climbed to Gergeti Glacier and reached almost 3000m above sea level. It took me 6 hours to go up and down. Weather was quite different up there so I was happy about all my warm clothes that I took with me.
Today I will maybe try to reach Russian border and some nice valleys. But I'll see because Kazbegi is a proper place where to stay and just to be relaxed for a few days!

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